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Customizable, enterprise-ready, made for medium-sized businesses (especially those having multiple locations around the world), high performance.

Global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

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Software That Adapts To You

Now Free, Forever

1ERP is now free, after 10 years.

You can download and host it yourself on your own private/cloud server.

You get full access, unlimited companies, and unlimited users, even run it as a SaaS, for free.

Now Free, Forever

1ERP is now free, after 10 years.

You can download and host it yourself on your own private/cloud server. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our SaaS at a reasonable cost in the near future.

You get all the features for free.

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Automate Your Processes

Easily write and rewrite auditable business rules and customize screens on-the-fly with drag-and-drop.

Less errors to accomplish more.

Global Access

Locale-sensitive, multi-lingual, and multi-currency (cryptocurrencies included).

Unlimited companies and unlimited users.

Easily scale with your global operations on low-code 1ERP.

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Hand-written code is more prone to errors. Enjoy a (relatively) bug-free experience on 1ERP because 99% of all code is generated.

Robocoder provides limited warranty on all bug fixes, if any, usually within 48 hours.

Customize To Your Needs

Customize and adapt to your needs quicker with the low-code generator that built 1ERP, Rintagi.

Generate actionable and meaningful insights in minutes with customizable reports on 1ERP.

Customize To Your Needs

Customize and adapt to your needs quicker with the low-code generator that built 1ERP, Rintagi.

Generate actionable and meaningful insights in minutes with easily customizable reports on 1ERP.

Made for Medium-Sized Businesses

Simple to operate. Customizable. No known bugs. Scalable. Global. High Performance. Enterprise ready.

Free and premium built (certified ISO-27001 by PWC).

Made for Medium-Sized Businesses

Simple to operate. Customizable. No known bugs. Scalable. Global. High Performance. Enterprise ready.

Free and premium built (certified ISO-27001 by PWC).

Trusted by businesses like you

"We are now approaching a critical milestone within the project and they have not only exceeded our expectations, but have managed to maintain a very demanding schedule and meet project deadlines with integrity and professionalism."

"Whenever a difficulty arises, you have always come up with a creative win-win solution that satisfies both parties. I will not hesitate to recommend the highly dedicated anyone requiring the competitive technological edge of today’s market place. "

"It was done quickly and accurately, exceeding everyone’s expectation. The end product as we see it today, and in fact, as we have seen it for a number of years now, is, to the best of my knowledge, the best in the business, after being 25 years in the business."

"Not only have [Robocoder Corporation] made every effort to understand our unique needs, you have suggested innovative concepts that have automated our processes without much effort...Your attention to detail has been paramount."

"I am pleased to learn that your innovative software has found a market among major firms... As well, the information technology industry awards you have won are a testament to your company’s technical excellence."

"Robocoder were able to offer an affordable custom enterprise solution to our needs...we were constantly amazed at the flexibility of the software and how small changes that traditionally would take weeks of programming time could be done almost on the fly, real time with Robocoder."

"…has always attended to our software problems on a timely and efficient basis and has provided valuable assistance in developing new software features [on the Bank’s Money Market, Commercial & Syndicated Loan, Teller and Certificate of Deposit Systems as well as the General Ledger Accounting System.]"

"My personal viewpoint was…overly enthusiastic….to deliver the new system on time. However, much to my surprise…the system [went] live on the targeted date. We appreciate the commitment and effort shown…and would be willing to recommend their services to future users."

"The system handles the billings, accounts receivables, book values, debt, maintenance schedules, and maintenance costs for a fleet of about 4,500 vehicles in a multi-location environment…technical knowledge is excellent and is up to date on all the latest developments."

"Your system surpassed our expectations. In fact, some of the key users would like to scrap our present in-house system and activate all of our business on the new system. This attitude is definitely a compliment to you and your staff…I would be more than happy to recommend your company to any of your new prospective clients."

"The product and service that were delivered to us…exceeded all of our assessment of the quality of the product and the service provided. In particular the service was exceptional in terms of response time and the “can do” attitude. I have no hesitation in recommending the services.."

"…I have found your personnel not only to be hard working and honest, but also friendly and always professional. There have been several occasions where you personally have gone out of your way to meet our needs and wishes and I have seen this in your staff as well."

"Their expertise, enthusiasm, and continuing ability to "think outside the square" has provided us with a distinct competitive advantage. The commitment of your staff…is a key distinguishing feature when comparing your company with other potential solution providers. We value your input and support..."

"The sales and administrative people are also happy with the product as it cuts out a number of tedious tasks and repetition…When we had a problem you and your employees would do whatever was necessary to solve the problem. The “can do” attitude is the reason that the system development moved along as quickly as it did."

"…it is a credit to your team in general and you in particular that you were able to understand our needs and develop into a software solution…there are a lot of excellent technologists out there but few that can quickly, effectively, and efficiently translate business needs into a workable software solutions."

"Saying that I am pleased with how things have turned out is an understatement. I can’t really express how much time, money, and effort we have saved. You promised to deliver a superior, flexible system that would be able to adapt to our business needs and you have delivered what you have promised. Well done Robocoder Corporation and thank you."

"Robocoder's development team is very knowledgeable, dependable and an absolute pleasure to work with. They were able to understand our market requirements and come up with great solutions to our customers' challenges...with the end user in mind..."

"...when we acquired an operating system that was not meeting the demand of our business, the team at Robocoder quickly identified the issues...and proposed a cloud based solution that would provide our customers with real time visibility…we are happy to recommend them as a supplier of innovative IT solutions."

"This fully integrated ERP system is what makes Juno unique and competitive in the marketplace. The success in the collaborative approach to delivering this platform, the Robocoder teams' knowledge, response time, and thoroughness have made and continue to make this a key relationship for Juno."


Frequently Asked Questions

We only have so many developers to service clients worldwide. Many businesses can benefit from our low-maintenance ERP system built for medium-sized businesses, while many developers around the world would want to work for the software development community. By offering 1ERP for free, we can connect businesses and developers to fulfill everyone’s needs.
Normal SQL Queries will run each line of code when needed, but SQL Stored Procedure pre-runs the code so it all runs as one line of code. SQL Stored Procedure is more complex to build because it needs more initial code. However, 1ERP is built on our low-code generator, Rintagi (where one line of code produces many more lines), so we could easily implement SQL Stored Procedure in 1ERP. The proximity to the data inside the database is the secret source for 1ERP’s high performance.
Yes, 1ERP can easily integrate with modules generated by our low-code generator, Rintagi, or 3rd party apps using industry or REST/SOAP APIs. 1ERP can call webpages from other websites using the URL mechanism (standard on websites) or the standard HTML anchor. 1ERP can also call other web pages and services and integrate its results to 1ERP using Web Rule.
1ERP can easily create and customize reports, documents, charts, and dashboards. 1ERP can also merge Rich Text Format (RTF) and Text (TXT) documents and perform SQL Reporting Services (create, deploy, and manage charts, lists, and summary tables). Easily customize with drag-and-drop (technical persons for major changes).
Yes, with the press of a button, you can import data into 1ERP using any screen when the data is in a data grid (table format with rows and columns). 1ERP also provides an import wizard to import large volumes of data from spreadsheets.
1ERP offers IP Allow List, Customized Password Complexity Requirements, CAPTCHA, and Two-Factor Authentication. All data entry screens are protected from script injection attacks (except from authorized developers). Assign access to info by rows and columns based on a user’s role and organization using business rules. 1ERP has information rights management for all screens, reports, and import wizards.
1ERP is built using our low-code generator Rintagi. Rintagi futureproofs its apps, including 1ERP, by self-generating code in new technologies or after a deep change using metadata. Rintagi eliminates bugs before apps are created and replaces the old code with new code. Hence, Rintagi, its apps, and 1ERP can keep up-to-date on the latest technology.
If you are using a version of 1ERP from 1ERP partners (non-original version), please make sure that their license is valid and legitimate. Versions of 1ERP can only be legally used if they are a 1ERP Partner. Otherwise, the supplier is offering an illegitimate version of 1ERP that will be held to legal action. For any questions or concerns, please contact us. If you are interested in becoming a partner for a very minimal amount, please visit 1ERP Partnership.

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Streamline how you manage and analyze your finances to work quicker and more efficient.

Human Resources

Connect and optimize your workforce and your business to thrive together.

Need More?

Customize 1ERP to serve your unique and complete needs.

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