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Partnership for 1ERP Source Code

Access our source code to customize, private-label, and operate a SaaS model as an ERP consultant, programmer, developer, and more. Discover the possibilities and build on top of a time-tested foundation.

Empowering Developers and Companies Worldwide

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The 1ERP Partnership program is designed to empower businesses by giving access to the source code of 1ERP and helping unlock new levels of growth. Through the program, we ensure that the sharing of our code is done in a secure and protected manner, safeguarding both ourselves and our partners.

This allows developers and companies worldwide to collaborate and benefit from our secure and protected source code. By sharing our object code for free, we enable businesses, especially medium-sized global firms, to thrive with the automated, global, and low-maintenance capabilities of 1ERP. Developers and businesses as a 1ERP Partner can leverage the power of 1ERP and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the source code.

With the 1ERP Partnership program, developers and companies gain access to customize and enhance their version of 1ERP according to their specific requirements. Our source code provides a solid foundation for developers to build upon, unlocking endless possibilities for optimizing and expanding business operations. Now, as we continue to enhance the AI Customization Assistant (AICA) Chatbot, developers will be able to take their customizations to the next level with AI.

Discover the Benefits of Becoming a 1ERP Partner

Exclusive Access to 1ERP’s Source Code
Having full control over your 1ERP system means that you are not limited by the constraints of pre-packaged solutions. Whether you want to customize 1ERP, private-label 1ERP, or operate a 1ERP SaaS, it all starts with the source code.
Customize 1ERP For You and Clients
Whether you need to add new features, integrate with external systems, or enhance existing functionalities, you have the flexibility to tailor 1ERP to your business needs or the needs of your clients. Unlock the potential of customized solutions.
Access to our AI Customization Assistant
Build more with faster speeds and fewer bugs with our upcoming AI Customization Assistant (AICA). Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo, AICA will generate step-by-step instructions and/or code snippets based on your customization requests. Live agents will also be available to support you if AICA cannot. To expand AICA’s capabilities, we will constantly create new customization solutions to feed into AICA.
Operate a 1ERP SaaS
Unlock the potential of the SaaS model for business growth. Operating a 1ERP SaaS means hosting 1ERP for businesses, offering the power and functionality of 1ERP for minimal effort on your side. This provides recurring revenue streams with minimal cost and maintenance.
Private-Label Your Custom 1ERP
Create and sell your own 1ERP solution with a solid foundation and head start. Private-labelling allows you to showcase your brand and unique position in the market. Leveraging 1ERP means significantly reducing development time and costs. Just include the phrase "originated from 1ERP", and you’re ready to go.
Complimentary Consultations
In addition to AICA, you receive 10 complimentary incidents of dedicated consulting services from our team, the brains behind 1ERP. Whether you require assistance with customization, integration, or optimizing workflows, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your ERP goals. After using up your complimentary incidents, you can continue to benefit from our consulting services at a competitive rate of $500 USD per incident. This ensures that you have unlimited access to ongoing support wherever and whenever you need it. With the 1ERP Partnership program, you not only gain access to a powerful ERP solution but also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with dedicated support from the creators of 1ERP.

Unlock Growth Opportunities with Competitive Fees

Loyalty Fee:
To support our partnership and ensure a mutually beneficial collaboration, we require a Loyalty Fee. This fee amounts to 5% of revenue invoiced to customers regarding 1ERP and is paid on an annual basis. This fee allows us to continue providing you with the resources and support necessary for your success.
Partnership Fee:
The Partnership Fee of US $10,000 is paid annually and acts as an investment in your partnership with us. The Partnership Fee is fully deductible from your Loyalty Fees. In other words, once you generate US $10,000 in Loyalty Fees for a given year, your Partnership Fee for that same year is effectively waived. It's a one-year commitment to our long-term partnership and a demonstration of our mutual dedication to one another.

Ready to Take Your Business to New Heights?

Complete the KYC Form: As part of our partnership onboarding process, we require potential partners to submit a Know Your Customer (KYC) form. This helps us ensure a secure and trustworthy partnership. The form collects essential information about your identity and business. All information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality (aligned with our ISO-27001 certification).

Sign an agreement of service: Once your KYC form is approved, you will need to sign an Agreement of Service. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of our partnership, including the rights and responsibilities of both parties. We recommend reviewing the agreement carefully and seeking legal advice if needed. Once signed, you will officially be a 1ERP Partner.

Gain access to a world of exclusive benefits including: exclusive access to the 1ERP source code to customize 1ERP, revenue opportunities to operate a 1ERP SaaS and create your private-label 1ERP, and complimentary consultations with our experienced team.

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We welcome individuals and businesses to join our esteemed partnership program. By becoming a partner, you gain access to a wide range of exclusive benefits and opportunities that can drive your business forward.

1ERP Partnership Envisioned

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